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International Hanoch Levin Festival

Nov. 9 – Dec. 21, 2015

The 8th International Theater Festival of Tel Aviv

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The International Hanoch Levin Festival at the Cameri Theater, Nov. 9 – Dec. 21, 2015

From year to year, the Israeli playwright, Hanoch Levin, gains a more important position as one of the outstanding, important and performed playwrights of the 21st century. The Cameri Theater and Hanoch Levin have a unique relationship of creativity and theater: most of his plays’ world premieres were performed on the stage of the Cameri, with the Cameri actors and the playwright’s direction.

The Cameri Theater constantly and regularly incorporates Levin’s plays in the repertoire. Many of the Levin productions are invited to appear in prestigious festivals and receive impressive acclaim and reviews. The Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama invests effort in distributing Levin’s plays and translating them to many languages, such as English, French, Polish, German, Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek and Yiddish. Levin's plays appeal to audiences around the world that find Levin’s drama to be a true echo of their deepest feelings.

This is the second year that the Cameri Theater is holding the International Hanoch Levin Festival, to which top performances from around the world have been invited. This year, in addition to the Israeli productions, performances from Poland, France, Germany and Bulgaria will participate in the festival. The International Hanoch Levin Festival enables us to observe the creation and growth of his plays in various locations and languages, with a form and significance that is characteristic to each country.

Enjoy the Shows,

Noam Semel, General Director

OmriNitzan Artistic Director

At the conclusion of a successful year of the best performances of the Cameri Theater abroad – Cyrano in China, Electra in the Festival of Ancient Greek Drama in Cyprus, and Our Class in Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro (with the cooperation of Habima Theater) –the Cameri continues the annual international festival tradition at home. The festival includes a varied selection of performances from Israel and abroad, including productions from Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, France and Israel; performances that cut across theatrical genres, continents, styles and languages: Chekhov stories adapted into a play, Hanoch Levin sketches adapted into a show, a play adapted for opera, prose adapted for movement theater, and a Shakespearean play about English royalty adapted for the traditional Chinese theater. The common denominator of all these productions is the constantly changing connection between form and substance, which determines the significance of each production, time and time again.

The festival will open with a new German production of Murder by the Dusseldorf Drama Theater (DusseldorferShauspielhaus), directed by Dedi Baron. The production is an international collaboration between an Israeli director and a German theater company, and a new and original treatment of the play that OmriNitzan, Artistic Director of the Cameri, mounted in 1997. It has created quite a stir through its power and reference to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this production, the violence is presented in an esthetic connection, through descriptive, poetic language, albeitdisturbing, that gives a new meaning to terror.

Requiem, the ultimate Levin play, is represented in the festival by the production that Levin himself directed, which earned awards and incomparable international approval, and a French Requiem, directedby Cécile Backès. Requiem, which confronts the ordeal of the end of life, is mounted on the French stages as popular, carnivalesque theater – at the limit ritualistic, and uses this language as a bridge between this life and the next, between heaven and earth.

Our varied selection includes Ya'akobi&Leidental, familiar to us from its Israeli productions, which is mounted in the festival in an outstanding Polish production, which earned rave reviews as the best production of the year. Levin comes to us from Bulgaria as musical movement theater, in Oh Elias, Elias we have an Israeli Levin cabaret, and two of the productions are world premieres: The Wondrous Woman Within Us, which was mounted at the Cameri in 1994, directed by Levin in a joint production with the Khan Theater, appears in the festival as a world premiere adaptation for opera by Osnat Netzer; and Redemption, a project by young artists, on the world stage for the first time, under the direction of Tal Brenner. The festival comes to a close with two new, international projects by Israeli and German artists: DreiHundeNacht (Three Dog Night) and Common Ground. Finally, from Beijing, Richard III introduces us to a world unfamiliar to most of us, a culture far from us in terms of form, but close in terms of substance. Shakespeare is relevant to all.

The Cameri Theater invites you to join us in celebrating a festival of theatre that combines laughter, meditation, mysticism and fantasy with day-to-day life.

Enjoy the show!

Dr. Varda Fish, Dramaturge
Director of International Relations of the Cameri Theater

The Cameri Theater Presents: La Comédie de Béthune, France


By Hanoch Levin

Direction: Cécile Backès

Translation to French: Laurence Sendrowicz

Original Music: Philippe Miller

Sound Production: Juliette Galamez

Set design: ThibautFack

Lighting design: Pierre Peyronnet

Costumes: Camille Pénager

Masks: Judith Dubois

Wigs and Make-up: Catherine Nicolas

Requiemis the last work of Levin, in which the Israeli playwright returns to his Slavic roots through Chekhov’s short stories. Requiem continues the journey of a great poet who successfully recounts the passage from life to death. The stage images are created before the audience, presenting the narrative of the last moments. Imagination and philosophy, life and death are woven together as a ritual celebration brightened by carnival music that meets heaven with earth and makes people dance. Man is depicted softly yet viciously, while the beast inside is hidden behind a mask that is sometimes amusing, sometimes disturbing.

Only two performances. Duration: 80 minutes without intermission. The performance is in French with Hebrew surtitles.

REQUIEM /Israel          

Written and Directed by Hanoch Levin

Set Design and Costumes: Rakefet Levi

Music: Yossi Ben-Nun

Lighting: Shay Yehudai

Cast: EstiKosovitzki, Rami Baruch, ItzhakHeskia/ Yossi Toledo, DrorKeren/Yuval Segal, Gabi Amrani, AviTermin, Dina Blay, NadavAsulin, Shimon Mimran, Roman Kricheli, Simon Kricheli,  Yossi Rahmani, Shay Fineberg, Tal Ben Bina, ShaniTriesman, RonitZlutin, Irit Bashan, Florence Bloch/AnatSlonim, Sandra Shonwald, Sigalit Fuchs/Osnat Ben Yehuda

Musicians: Yossi Bin Nun, ShmuelElbaz, ShukyValfus, AvnerIfat

Vocalist: Yael Zvi

This performance represented Israel throughout the world: Greece, Germany, Romania, Poland, Hungary, China Turkey, and the Czech Republic.

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes without intermission. This is the last performance this season.


A cabaret performance of sketches and songs by Hanoch Levin.

Acting, Direction and Adaptation: MoniMoshonov, LilianBarreto and DrorKeren

Musical Direction: Tal Belchrovitz

Pianist: Tal Belchrovitz/Michal Salomon

Production and Management: EinatBeser

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes without intermission.

The Cameri Theater Presents: Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Germany

MURDER /Germany

By Hanoch Levin

Translation from Hebrew: Matthias Naumann

Direction: Dedi Baron

In a precise framework divided into three acts, scene by scene, the play confronts the ever more complicated conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians as a series of dead-end clashes that penetrate daily life. It is a world without logic, in which violence leads to violence and murder begets murder. But in the present production, the violence appears in an aesthetic context, through descriptive, poetic language, on the border of surrealism. Violence merges with beauty and pure poetry,locked in patterns of street language. Local theater cuts across boundaries and shocks. “Terror” is the source of inspiration. Can theater bring about change? The play incorporates video clips by the video artist, Yoav Cohen.

 “The scenes on stage move captivatingly between frog’s eye and bird’s eye views, near and far.” (Radio Germany WER3)

“The director, Dedi Baron, skips elegantly between two worlds – from thought-provoking abstract to emotional realism. In this way, she creates a play that is more thought-provoking than shocking.” (Deutschland Radio Kulture)

The play was presented first at the Cameri Theater in the fall of 1997, directed by OmriNitzan, and has prompted public uproar.

Only two performances. The performance is in German with Hebrew surtitles.

Cameri Theater Presents: Warsaw Theater, Poland


By Hanoch Levin

Direction: MarcinHycnar


Original Music: CzesławMozil, FilipKuncewicz

Production Designer: Julia Skrzynecka

Stage design collaboration: Joanna Walisiak-Jankowska

Two sour men and a sour woman are missing out on life. When ItamarYa’akobi decides that the time has come to live, he breaks off his friendship with David Liedental and woos Ruth Shachash, who embodies for him the melding of matter and spirit: a huge backside together with a love of music. The lonely, demeaned Liedentaltrails after the couple and insists on offering himself as a wedding gift.

From the Polish press: “A combination of elements – grotesque, comic, dramatic and lyric…three great actors”

“Laughter and meditation…a bold and lyrical play”

“Exploding with ideas”, “The success of the play is largely attributable to the director, MarcinHycnar. Direction rich in form and significance.”

Only two performances.Accompanied by Hebrew surtitles. Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Cameri Theater with the Israel Contemporary Players:


Adapted for Israel Chamber Opera

By Hanoch Levin

Direction: Julia Pevzner

Libretto and Music: OsnatNetzer

Conductor: Yuval Zorn

Lighting: Yaakov Salib

Mauritzia/Madagaskar:Yael Levita


Chutner: Guy Pelc

Loxner:Roi Sarouk

Jorge: Gil Weinberg

Why compose opera? Beginning from the 17th century, opera developed as popular music for both aristocrats and the common people. Opera combines both fine and coarse sentiment. As a musical genre, it evolves quickly, giving the artists the freedom to experiment in new areas, to modify the genre, and to create a delight of collaboration with artists from various disciplines.

The Wondrous Woman within Us, a grotesque farce that is part of Levin’s political comedy, crosses the Israeli, cultural boundaries to take its place as an utterly universal play. It is restrained enough for the delicate-at-heart to enjoy, yet coarse enough for the hardy. The farce focuses on sexuality and the power struggle between the sexes. The play was first presented by The Cameri Theater in a join production with The Khan Theater, directed by Hanoch Levin and starring Yitzhak Hizkiya and Orna Katz.

Only two performances.Accompanied by Hebrew and English surtitles.

The Cameri Theater Presents: The State Theater, Varna, Bulgaria


Short stories inspired by Hanoch Levin adapted for musical movement theater.

By: Hanoch Levin

A musical presentation in a unique movement language. 13 funny stories meld to form a tragi-comic show about the anticipation of happiness, inspired by the theater language of Hanoch Levin. Directed by BoyanIvanov and presented by a troupe of well-known Bulgarian actors,the show is based on 13 sketches from The Old Woman from Calcutta and The Gigolo from Congo.

Only two performances.The performance is in Bulgarian with Hebrew surtitles.

EVERYONE WANTS TO LIVE– A Comedy by Hanoch Levin with Musical Accompaniment

Direction: Udi Ben Moshe

Original Music: KerenPeles

Musical Direction: Tal Blecharovitz

Set Design: Lily Ben Nachshon

Costumes: OfraConfino

Lighting: Roni Cohen

Vocal Coach: Rachel Hochman

Cast:Shlomi Avraham, Rami Baruch, Yossi Graber, Anat Waxman, Itzhak Heskia, Avi Termin, Yuval Segal, Dvora Keidar (courtesy of Habima Theater), Esti Kosovitzki, Tamar Keenan,Irit Kaplan, Kineret Limoni, Ziv Klayer, Itai Szor, Raviv Madar

Musicians: Tal Blecharovitz, Salit Lahav, Ziv Klayer

An estate owner, who is suddenly condemned to die, is granted a pardon by the angel of death, on the condition that he supply a substitute. But who will agree to replace him? “What a calamity, everyone wants to live!”

The critics praise: “A must…we all want to live, and you should catch this show while you’re still alive!” (Mako July 2, 2014)

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes without intermission. This is the last performance this season.

MAKE MY HEART FLUTTER– A Comedy by Hanoch Levin

Direction: Udi Ben Moshe

Music: KerenPeles

Set Design: Lily Ben Nachshon

Costumes: OfraConfino

Lighting: Martin Adin

Choreography: ErezShafrir

Piano: Niv Kaufman

Accordion: Salit Lahav, Ofer Shalhin

Cast:Rami Baruch, Eitan Greenstein, Meirav Gruber, Tamar Keenan, Ziv Klayer, Ziv Meir, Gita Monte, Ruby Moskovitz, Asaf Pariente, Gadi Yagil

A polished, witty, up-beat comedy, with dialogues of the best Levin brilliance, that closes with a sober commentary on life.

Israel Theater Awards

Best Play

Best Playwright: Hanoch Levin

Best Director: Udi Ben Moshe

Best Composer: KerenPeles

Best Actor: Rami Baruch

Best Supporting Actress: Gita Monte

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes without intermission.


By: Hanoch Levin

With the participation of graduates of the Theater Arts department of Kibbutzim College

Direction: Tal Brenner

This is the world premiere of this Levin play. A picturesque, amazingly beautiful play, created by Adam Keller (set design),Yaakov Salib(lighting), and the director, Tal Brenner, together with a troupe of young actors, confronts the cruel and ugly in Levin’s poetic style.

International Guests of the Festival: National Theatre of China, Beijing


By William Shakespeare

Direction: Wang Xiaoying

Richard III, hungry for power and the throne, paves his way to the throne with the bodies of all who stand in his way, including his closest family, stretching the moral boundaries between the permitted and the forbidden. This untraditional Chinese adaptation of Shakespeare’s political drama portrays Richard not as a grotesque, disfigured character but as a seductive man. The language is enriched with mysticism, oriental wisdom, Chinese opera, Kung Fu, live music and modern designs for traditional costumes in a space that contains only a table and two chairs.

From the International Critics:

“It scores for its intense confrontations and for a fascinating, mercurial villainy that needs no translation.” (The Art Desk, UK)

Audience and Critics’ Choice in the Globe to Globe Shakespeare Festival, London 2012.“Even if it's in a language we don't know, and a concept we've never before seen, it's as achingly familiar as if we understood every word.” (Talkin’ Broadway, New York)

“An original Chinese interpretation that reveals the universality of the play. A wondrous blend of aesthetics from Beijing opera, traditional Chinese theatre, the art of Kung Fu and Chinese acrobatics that dilutes violence with humor.” (The Guardian)

The director, Wang Xiaoying, is the recipient of the award for outstanding director in China.

Only two performances. The performance is in Chinese with Hebrew surtitles.

The Cameri Theater Presents: Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin, Germany


By Yael Ronen & Ensemble

Stage design: Magda Willi, Costume design:LinaJakelski, Video: Benjamin Krieg / Hanna Slak, Music Nils Ostendorf

Yugoslavia – a land that no longer exists, destroyed by civil war in the ‘90’s. Many escaped to Berlin in search of work and a different life. Berlin becomes the meeting point of aggressors and victims. How can they live side by side? Actors who came to Berlin from Belgrade, Sarajevo, Novi Sad and Prijedor take part in the project. What is their common ground? The creators of the play traveled to Bosnia to meet with family members that remained there, and returned to Berlin to create this play that turns the theater into a safe space for discussing guilt and atonement, forgiveness and forgetting, while confronting prejudices and religious, national and cultural hatred.

Winner of the Audience Award at the Mülheimer Theater Festival.

The performance is in German with Hebrew surtitles.

International Project: Hellerau, Dresden and Deutsches Theater, Berlin in conjunction with The Cameri Theater

THREE DOG NIGHT (DreiHundeNacht)/Germany

Written and Directed by Ofira Henig

Cast:Rivka Neumann,Salwa Nakkara, Almut Zilcher-Gotscheff,Tjark Bernau,

Three women from three different cultures speak in three different languages and meet at the bedside of a terminally ill father. Their attempt to deal with the illness challenges them on the freedom of choice to die with dignity, but even more – to live with dignity.

The performance is in German, Arabic and Hebrew with Hebrew surtitles.

Produced with the support of the Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv, the Pais Council for Culture and the Arts,German Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  and the Israeli Society to Live and Die with Dignity (Lilach)

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